The Karud ja Pojad (The Bears and The Cubs) studio shop is an art and vintage shop and an art gallery. We have been operating in the Widget Factory located in Tartu since the end of 2020. This special and charming world with a nostalgic atmosphere has been created by bear and doll artist Maris Aare and graphic designer Jaanus Kaasik, together with their family large and small members.
The big "bears" and the little "bear cubs" are involved in one way or another in the studio shop.

The shop features artwork and graphics, painting, puppetry, ceramics and other unique art from many other authors on-site. In addition there are, vintage items and a retro pieces, which are carefully selected. In the studio shop there is an R gallery with changing exhibitions, where during the first year there were 11 exhibitions from different authors. Among other things, the exhibition of the family's son Rusten, after whom the gallery got its name.

The studio shop hosts events and workshops, as well as personal celebrations and other gatherings.

Come and visit us!

Photos: Eesi Raa