ALBERT VOLKOV's design lamps are born from a love for old and venerable but dusty objects and recycling.

In addition to providing coziness and illuminating dark nights, these unique and quirky steampunk-style lights are art objects and excitement-makers with their exciting design and surprising and playful functions.Albert Volkov talks about his lights like this: "Sometimes I notice such an old-fashioned object which
captures the soul. I look at it and see that this is going to be very interesting
light! Add a little here, take away from there, clean a little.
Usually this is an object that is suitable as a light fixture for the future
as the main element. Over time, more thoughts arise and some items are added. In this way, they stand together on the shelf until the composition is completed, which
pleases the eyes. Finally, it's time to assemble the light, to find a new technical solution
and add electrical components."

Illuminates and calculates

White meat grinder


Design light Steampunk spirit