KÄRT SEPPEL is a ceramic.
Participated in numerous
exhibitions and symposia in Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Korea, China,
In Croatia, etc since 1992.
Founding member of the open studio "Azuurkamamika" and member of the Artists' Union and the Ceramics Association
She says about herself: "I love my everyday material - clay
and this love has came to as secret, working together and quietly being. Clay recognizes a bad mood or negative thoughts, in that situation it simply does not cooperate. The plastical material is warm, gives a chance to build and mold.
I construct all my work from a clay sheet just as a tailor sews a jacket. I cut and paste, sew and
do the finishing.
I use a clay surface as paper for drawings
as a base material and I paint with glazes. Blindly relying on memory, and
knowledge of chemicals.
I mix up chemicals and I often feel like an alchemist
"inventing gold". Cobalt chloride is pink before burning and turns
blue after burning. Burnt clay as a material is
eternal, that is why I feel responsible for using it. I am overwhelmed by the thought
from endless dumps full of plastic and rubbish
waste repositories. I hope one of my cups, made with my love, becomes a cup that a
man has been drinking tea for several hundred years and this piece of clay is not
wasted in vain. "

The small pictures on sale in this e-shop are made from clay, that Kärt Seppel found,  when she moved to an old pottery studio a few years ago.
ARS houses. The walls, floor and table surfaces of the room were covered with thick layer of clay. The author pounded, melted, dried, made plots and burned.
She mixed handful of residues and began to roll clay tiles. She drew directly on the clay and put on the glaze before burning. This is how small but profound images were born.

Kärt Seppel's exhibition "Small pictures 16x15" was in the R gallery in July-August 2021.

Small picture 1

Small picture 2

Small picture 3

Small picture 4

Small picture 5

Small picture 6

Small picture 8

Small picture 9

Small picture 10

Small picture 11