The Mikrogallery will be built in Soviet-era garage on Lubja street in Tartu, where it is planned to develop a 40 square meter low-energy exhibition house.
Mikrogallery’s plan is to spend as few resources as possible on maintenance, so that the money found for the art program remains to the creators and people who run the gallery.

MAIKRO is an artist of the Mikrogallery. MAIKRO consists of several creative people, who help to raise money to support the Mikrogallery. The author of the idea for the series called "Urban animals" is Raul Oreškin, one of the initiators of Mikrogallery, who has created works in cooperation with AI especially for the R gallery located in the studio Karud ja Pojad.

By purchasing MAIKROs works, you support the construction of the Mikrogallery €25

MAIKRO's debut exhibition "Urban animals" is at R gallery May 11 - July 1, 2023