The Mikrogallery will be built in Soviet-era garage on Lubja street in Tartu, where it is planned to develop a 40 square meter low-energy exhibition house.
Mikrogallery’s plan is to spend as few resources as possible on maintenance, so that the money found for the art program remains to the creators and people who run the gallery.

MAIKRO is an artist of Mikrogallery.
He has also worked as an artist before. In the late 80s and early 90s he actively participated in exhibition activities mainly as a painter and
occasionally also creating installations. In addition, he tried his hand as a fashion designer, creating mainly alternative and recycled clothing based on materials. As the network of galleries was then focused mainly on representing and selling mainstream artists, MAIKRO, which of course performed under a different name at the time, continued its activities as a stage and interior designer. In the meantime, he has acted in various in creative fields, and from the beginning of 2023 he will be again decided to return to the field of visual arts.
By purchasing MAIKROs works, you support the construction of the Mikrogallery

MAIKRO's debut exhibition "Urban animals" is at R gallery May 11 - July 1, 2023