MARIS SIIMER has worked mainly as a freelance artist-illustrator, among other things, contributed to the children's magazines "Täheke" and "Hea laps".

 "Creation in a broader sense has been important to me all my life, and the dream of becoming an artist has chased me since my youth," says Maris herself. "If
you really listen to your heart, then it will tell you everything and right then
the right things can happen. I think that's what happened to me.  And isn't it that what we love to do as children makes us shine as adults? "
At the beginning of 2022, Maris Siimer's first illustrated children's book "Milla", written by Johanna-Iisebel Järvelill, was published.
He has participated in joint exhibitions in Estonia, Russia and Komi Republic.

Maris Siimer's first painting exhibition and also his first personal exhibition "HORTUS. Garden and Space" was at R gallery 8.06 - 6.08. 2022

Take me far and crisp

The girl in the yellow dress

A girl with books and a cat