TIINA KALJUSTE is a potter who speaks of herself as follows: "By chance, I ended up studying pottery in Estonian Academy of Arts and graduated in 1995. It is a privilege and a responsibility to use clay as the form of expression, which is known to become eternal pottery as burnt once. Every year i use more and more easier ways to form clay. As molding methods have become easier, then clay preferences are gone increasingly advanced. The clay could be more colored - after burning
blue, gray, yellow or dark brown. Or the whitest white - porcelain.
From the solo exhibition "47 profiles"
(2015-2016) has increased interest in ceramics and other so-called faster disappearing
combining materials in works. The space where
works occur isn't less important. Ideally the ceramics, found materials and space form a harmonous whole.
In July and August 2021, Tiina Kaljuste's exhibition "Seven Meetings and Other Etudes" was held in the R gallery located in the studio shop Karud ja Pojad.
7.04 - 4.06.2022 Tiina Kaljuste's exhibition "Brushes and brushstrokes" was held in the R gallery
From 29.10 - 31.12.2022, Tiina Kaljuste's porcelain with bears will be at the bear-inspired exhibition sale "Karukeel" (“Bear language”) in the R gallery.


Porcelain brushes