Viive Väljaots is a certified drawing teacher and a certified ceramic constructor. He has studied in the years 1964-1974 in various art schools in Estonia
Viive Väljäots has worked as a designer and lecturer in ceramic factories
at the Estonian Academy of Arts and tutored children and adults.
Currently freelance.
Member of the Estonian Artists' Union since 1985 and member of the Estonian Ceramics Union since 1993.
Since 1976, Viive Väljaots has participated in more than 100 exhibitions both at home and abroad. He has had 7 solo exhibitions.
The exhibition "Nukutuba" was from 18.01 - 11.03.2023 in the R gallery.

Ceramic head jar

Bear shaped ceramic jar 1

Bear shaped ceramic jar 2

Ceramic face 1

Ceramic face 2

Ceramic face 3

Ceramic face 4

Ceramic face 5

Ceramic face 6

Ceramic face 7

Ceramic face 8

Ceramic face 9

Ceramic face 10

Ceramic face 11

Ceramic face 12

Ceramic face 13