OLENA HNATIUK (b.1995) is from Kherson, Ukraine, but due to the current war, she lives in Skåret, Sweden. Olena Hnatiuk is a graphic designer, painter, illustrator and teacher with a master's degree. 2013 - 2019 he studied graphic design at Khersons National University of Technology, which he graduated with honors. He has written and illustrated two children's books.
Artist statement: “Creating is an integral part of my life. It's the language I can use to talk to the world. I like to experiment with colors and different materials, learn new things and explore myself through different sensations and techniques. It's hard to put into words what painting means to me. Sometimes it´s an extremely difficult process. I like bright colors, especially the combination of sharp contrasts. I rarely know exactly what I want to portray. Most of the time, my stories are created during work. but they're always about my feelings and experiences. Painting has become a place where I can hide from the outside world. Besides painting, I really like computer graphics. In illustrations, I look for dynamics, distortions of proportions and interesting compositions. I am constantly looking for something new and interesting. I have participated in more than 30 exhibitions My pictures are in private collections in Ukraine, USA, Sweden and Germany.”

Olena Hnatiuk's exhibition “Labyrinth: 12 cracks in the soul” is in R gallery 1.01-27.04.2024

When i was born

The first Spring

At the end of the World

When i becam an adult

Guessing Dreams

Remember who you are

Moving from one prison to another

Flying from the light

Goodbye, my dear

The Reverse of me

Something Personal

The last dance